Philicia Marion, Robert Marion, Anina Aaron, and Chase Dickens

Monday, February 9, 2009

Warm, Sunny Weather=Great day for a Race!

The Kenda/KMC/Hayes Professional Mountain Bike Team raced in Charlotte once again this past weekend. The Nothing But Noodles Short Track Series has one round to go, with everyone on the team looking at top spots in the series. The Ladies of the team are still rocking it out with the Cat 2/Sport Men's field. Anina finished 2nd place and Philicia came in 10th in the field of over 20 men. This should secure Anina a top 3 overall in the series. The ladies raced the Pro/Cat 1 women's field next, and proved they where the fastest ladies of the day. Anina pulled away early in the race to finish with the win, while Philicia battled it out with another strong female competitor. After an attack about half way through the race, Philicia rolled through in 2nd place. The fans always get to watch one Pro ranked top in the country race around the course, but they got a treat this weekend, with Jeremiah Bishop coming down to Charlotte. Robert and Jeremiah showed the mountain bikers of Charlotte how the Pro's do it, for an hour of non-stop action. The two flew around the course, with each lap seemingly faster than the last. We would see Jeremiah lay down an attack, then Robert would match his pace and counter-attack. Neither Racer seemed to have an edge on the other. The heart-pounding race came down to the last lap, when Jeremiah laid down one final attack to win the race. Robert came in only seconds later. Chase had an impressive race during all of this action also, coming in third place and being one of only two on the course not lapped by the winners. The Kenda/KMC/Hayes Team also had the team trailer at the event, giving away stickers and catalogues of our sponsors. This week, the team gave a two RotoR hats to the Cat 2/Sport Men's field. The KMC 9-speed X9SL chain is still up for grabs. The FREE sign-up for the raffle will continue until the drawing next week at the final face.

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  1. hey uncle robert! this is ericka, grandma lindas grand daughter!! im carrties middle child...

    i had alot of fun at the squiggy classic... i cant believe you won!! and that chase came in 2nd!!! i cant believe how good you guys are! hopefully you guys get into the olympics

    ~ERICKA J. V.